Saturday, February 14, 2009


There is a small city named the Shimada city in Shizuoka Prefecture.

In this city, there is an old bridge with the Guinness record.

The bridge is old in wooden. And, the total length is long. It is a record.

The name of the bridge is Hoh-Lai-Bashi.
The distance from shimada station to the bridge is a little long.
It is the best for a moderate stroll.
It might be a distance of five minutes if going by taxi from the station.
Money is necessary for crossing this bridge. The ticket can be gotten by paying 100 yen. Time from the arrival at the station to the round trip in the bridge is one hour.
Afterwards, going to the museum of Shimada city is better.

In the museum, customs in Edo period have been exhibited before Japan opens a port in the world.

The town is preserved too.

The Shimada city is a sober sightseeing spot.
It never suffers an invasion of tourists.

It is possible to stroll quietly whenever it goes.

The ticket of the museum is 300 yen. It is possible to enter to Mitsuhiro Un-no's print memorial with the same ticket.
Mitsuhiro Un-no was a graphic artist that had the talent that born in Shizuoka City.
After it stops over in the Shimada city, You can go to Shizuoka City for staying.

Or, Hamamatsu City.
The Shimada city is a small city in the middle of Hamamatsu and Shizuoka.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Mt. Fuji

The highest peak in Japan, Mt. Fuji are in Shizuoka Prefecture.
There is no international airport in Shizuoka.

To go to Mt. Fujiplease arrive at the airport in Haneda, Narita, Nagoya, Kansai, and Itami,International Airport.

Tokyo International Airport /Nickname is Big Bird.

Narita International Airport /The alias is Narita.

Chubu Centrair International Airport /The alias is a Centrair.

Kansai International Airport /The alias is KAN-KU.

Osaka International Airport /The alias is ITAMI. (Japanease Only)

Please ask it in the airport. "I want to go to Shizuoka by Shinkansen. "

The Nagoya airport is the nearest to Shizuoka. However, the Nagoya airport is an Asian route. The Narita airport is the nearest the arrival from Europe and America.

Shinkansen has "NOZOMI" and "HIKARI" at the most velocity. "NOZOMI" and "HIKARI" runs in the section of 200 kilometers within one hour the non-stop.
But, a station that is the nearest Mt. Fuji is "Shin-Fuji station. "Only "KODAMA" of the local train is stops here. Please ask the station employee when you take Shinkansen. Transferring to "KODAMA" on the way is better.

The Shin-Fuji station is a station only for Shinkansen.
Please move from "Shin-Fuji station" of Shinkansen to "Fuji station" of existing railways.

Walking is 45 minutes from 30 minutes.

If the taxi is used, it might be from 1000yen to 2000 yen. The taxi of Japan cannot negotiate on the charge.

When you take the taxi "FUJI-EKI" It pronounces. The conversation is unnecessary. The driver will talk to you when the taxi driver understands English.
The chip is unnecessary. If the change is about 100 yen, you may give it to the driver. A lot of drivers are expecting the change keeping.

Please ask the method of going to Fujinomiya Station when it arrives at Fuji Station. The bus climbs Mt. Fuji leaves Fujinomiya.

It is 230 yen in one-way from Fuji Station to Fujinomiya Station. Minobu line. 17 minutes, One station.

It climbs a mountain to 2400-meter point in Mt. Fuji with a special bus. It is 4500 yen in the round trip. 12 years old or less is half the price.

FUJI-KYU Bus (JApanease Only)

The departure of the climbing mountain bus is a morning. You are difficult to climb a mountain on the day when it arrived at Narita. Fuji is the more best for staying than Narita. Accommodations are few in Fujinomiya. There are a lot of cheap hotels around Fuji Station. It can be kind if asking it by the sightseeing guide of the station.

It might be on a afternoon that the bus that goes down the mountain arrives at Fujinomiya.

It is 57 minutes in existing railways when moving to Shizuoka City to have dinner. To Shizuoka from Fujinomiya. one-way 820 yen.

The use of Shinkansen is not reasonable.

When arriving at Shizuoka City, it might be a sunset. An cheap hotel can look for the station guide. Please ask the station employee. There are a lot of high-level hotels, too.

The first train of "HIKARI" for Tokyo or Osaka from Shizuoka Station is about seven o'clock. (The diagram has the change. )Shinkansen of the first train is crowded. It is good to reserve the reserved seat the day before.

* To Osaka and Kyoto, are two hours. It transfers to "NOZOMI" in Nagoya. The charge is 9440 yen.

It is 57 minutes to Tokyo. In "HIKARI", One- station. 5,670 yen.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcom to my BLOG

My name is Miss Akemi NOZAKI.
I live in Shizuoka, Japan.

I publish information on Japan in this blog.

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